Shooting Club Membership Requirements

Membership Requirements for Civilians/Corporate Categories.

  • 4x Passport size photographs.
  • 4x Thumb size photographs.
  • 1x Soft copy of a good photograph for membership card.
  • Original CNIC (will be returned after verification).
  • 4x photocopies of CNIC
  • Weapon license in original and 4x photocopies (orignal license will be returned after verification).
  • Character/Antecedents verification certificate from local police station as per address.
    • Pay order/cross cheque in respect of Pakistan Rangers Sindh Foundation Shooting Club.                                                                                    RSSC Account details are as under:
      Bank: *JS Bank Limited*
      *Shaheen Complex Branch, Karachi. 9001*
      Account: *PK07JSBL9001000001892938*
      Title: *Pakistan Rangers Sindh Foundation Shooting Club*

a. Membership fee as per package desired.

b. Rs.1000/- only (membership processing fee).

c. Rs 25000/- as security (refundable)

  • Terms & conditions/declaration form duly signed by the applicant (processing duration for membership is 30x days).