Rssc Terms & Conditions


  • A card will be issued to each member bearing his/her photograph. This card cannot be lent, borrowed or transferred to any other person. Loss of membership card should notified to the club management immediately.
  • Members are requested to register on arrival at the Club Reception by showing their membership card.
  • The club management will not be liable for any lost articles or valuables, while ¬†using the facilities.
  • Members or their guests are not allowed to bring any tape recorder, camera or video camera inside the club premises.
  • The club management will not refund any fees or portion of fees if a member wishes to terminate his/her membership or is unable to fully utilize the facilities.
  • Any equipment which is not familiar will be explained by the staff on duty.
  • Any member not abiding the rules and regulations will have their membership cancelled.
  • The club management reserves the right to add, amend or delete any of the aforementioned rules without prior notice.
  • Abusive language or uncivilized behavior is not allowed.
  • Any damage caused by the member is to be paid at the replacement cost which will be decided by the club management.
  • The management shall have the right to adjust fees & charges for services and facility at their discretion.
  • Members bringing their respective guests are required to register on arrival at reception and pay the appropriate guest fee prior to using the facility. The management reserves the right to cancel the membership of any member who knowingly introduces a guest into the facility without paying the appropriate fee.
  • A member must accompany all guests on entering the facility. The member will be responsible for the conduct and safety of their guests.
  • Personal and domestic servants/maids are not allowed to enter the facility.
  • The managing committee reserves the right to accept/reject any application for membership without assigning any reason.
  • All members are bound to adhere to dress code. Smart casual dress is allowed.
  • No handling of fire arms by children under 12 years of age.
  • No individual is allowed to visit shooting range under influence of drug.
  • Members have to confirm availability of range before visiting the club to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Nobody is allowed to carry any type of weapon inside club premises.All weapons will be deposite on reception and only club reps. are authorize to carry weapons from one range to the other.
  • Member desirous of firing/hiring club armory shop weapons/ammunition will nominate weapons inside armory shop and will be transported to concern range by club rep.
  • All members are bound to strictly adhere to range safety procedures as uses of live fire arms are involved.

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