About Us

“Aim For Sport Aim For Entertainment”

    Even if you’ve never wanted to own a gun, you may have wondered just what it would be like to hold and fire one. That Experience awaits even the most novice marksmen at Rangers Shooting and Saddle Club (RSSC) Karachi. Located along the edge of the beautiful Super highway, the RSSC is 4 square kilo meters of peaceful, rolling hills and picturesque countryside, fully equipped and ready to facilitate any size of event.

Promote, improve and advance the sport of shooting, adventure, training & horse – riding in Pakistan, and to cultivate the safe, recreational use of firearms.


  •                                  RSSC has been built and is meticulously maintained for citizens of Karachi by the Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), a friendly law enforcement agency who felt the need to establish another social link with general public. The concept for healthy interaction between LEA and citizen of Karachi was conceived by D.G. Rangers who felt the need for maturing and developing a space where quality sports could be introduced.
  •                               RSSC is dedicated to providing secure and enjoyable indoor/outdoor environment for shooters of all ability levels, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with safety as one of the paramount pre – requisites. This makes the RSSC shooting ranges usable not only by professionals and amateur shooters but also by ladies and children. All the facilities available are state – of – the art and olympics standard. In fact, the RSSC shooting ranges are fully capable of hosting prestigious international shooting competitions by day or by night.

Safety is our first priority

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