Shooting Club

25M PISTOL RANGE is a beautiful range of 25 meters, raised with a scenic view of cantilever on both ends along with visitors gallery.

50/100/200/300/500M & 1000 YARDS RANGE is on eastern shoulder of skeet and is developed as an outdoor range. The effect of battlefield is also simulated when in firing course.

SKEET was developed in the early part of the 1900s. Skeet is a recreational and competitive activity where participants attempt to break clay disks flung into the air at high speed from a variety of angles. The gun of choice for this task is usually a high-quality, double barreled over and under. The event is in part meant to simulate the action of bird. TRAP/DOUBLE TRAP SHOOTING is in some ways a replacement for a game where the targets were live pigeons. Indeed, one of the names for the clay disks used in shooting games is clay pigeons. 5-STAND challenges shooters with the best of skeet, trap and sporting clays where participants fire at clays being thrown with specific directions and time.

AIR PISTOL/RIFLE RANGE (indoor) has a 1 metre wide firing point, and a 10 metre distance between firing line and the target line.


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